instant interactive

Ushering in a new technology of 3D data that promises a new way to deliver data — No lag, no loss, just pure joy

Rarely does a company take the leap to deliver something that is truly innovative

Our Roles
Strategy / Brand Identity / Web Development

The job to take a company from just the emerging idea stuck in the creators heads to something visual, tangible, and ready for the world is rare — that is exactly what we set out to do.

Where advanced technology & strategy meet

We began learning what the company needed for it’s big launch. The brand often felt outdated and too complex for many to grasp — So we began establishing a single strategic idea to guide us with some visual inpsiration to develop our design language.

Organizing Idea

making complex technology simple

Branding Direction

Pops of Color

Modern Gradients

3D Illustration

Dark Mode

Branding Attributes





Logo Direction

the new
lightning fast

The Bolt — speed, connectivity, and performance all in one

The lightning bolt is universally recognizable. No matter what side of the world you are on it communicates the core product offering. Although there may be many lightning bolt marks out there none are quite like this one 😉

Creating the visual design system

Brand Icons

Brand Colors


Power & performance, all packed into one page

The website is the home asset of the brand and also one of the first points of contact for consumers. We took the complex technology and simplified it to it’s core messaging so anyone could understand its benefits.

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Getting the
brand out
& into the

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