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We helped guide the team at BodyGym to grow their company globally

Our Roles
Product Management / E-Commerce / Web Design / Packaging / Art Direction / Video Production / Digital Advertising

The brilliance and simplicity of BodyGym had been around for over 15 years prior to us getting involved, however things took a rapid change in the positive direction when famed performer and actress Marie Osmond fell in love with the product. BodyGym needed to grow fast and needed a digital team that was up for the task. In the end we consulted every step of the way to take the product international, with over 2M sold, and $80M in sales.

let’s get

Creating all the potential places for the BodyGym rocket ship to land

We created a support site for customers and a highly converting sales site for potential customers.
Web Design & Development
Building out the brand identity was crucial to a company that was about to scale so we created a fitness brand that could live globally.
Product Packaging
After dozens of designs we narrowed it down and tapped into our customer database with user testing to guage what design would get the most in store purchases.
Amazon Sales Channel Setup
Expanding beyond our own digital domain we built the Amazon sales channel with branding and advertising to match.
Google, Bing, Social, and Retargeting Ads
We made sure that when a user entered our funnel they left with a brand new BodyGym and a new outlook on their health & wellness
Video Production
People, testimonies, locations, coordination and art direction we were the core team to assist the director for the BodyGym infomerical and lead the production and creative direction for all NEW BodyGym workout videos
AOV Strategy
Our online stores were stellar but if we were going to break our goals we needed to bump up our average order value so we came up with the strategy, marketing, and products that would bump those numbers up beyond rookie levels.
Product Design
As BodyGym evolved so did the product. We lead the product side of things for new BodyGym bands, new bar colors, and BodyGym Bar 2.0 modeling and design.

Getting the product into consumers hands and on the shelves

Building a page that could capture visitors and crush conversions

The BodyGym website was built with performance in mind for our target market. We explored a dozen versions then A/B tested them to optimize messaging and exceed KPI's

Getting the
brand out
& into the

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